Steven Brown, known to his colleagues and followers as Steve-O, has been trailblazing a path within the arena that is entertainment for over 5 years. In that time, he's been evolving, taking on new challenges all the while broadening and reinventing his scope and that of the artists & brands he's worked with.

      Born in Harlem, NY this 28-year-old entrepreneur began his discovery and foray into the entertainment industry while attending LIU as a media arts major. During his enrollment at the university, he took on a marketing internship at Marc Ecko Enterprises. While there, from 2002 to 2004, he witnessed the growth of the company as they became synonymous with mainstream pop culture, comprising of Ecko Unltd, EckoRed, G-Unit clothing, Zoo York, Complex Media and more. During his tenure there he was inspired to venture out and begin building a brand of his own. At the beginning of 2005, Brown launched Laced Magazine with long time friend and stylist, Kwasi Kessie.

     Laced Magazine was a publication that chronicled the booming sneaker & hip-hop culture from the streets´ perspective. “Laced up from the ground up.” as the motto was, is how Brown directed and curated the magazine as it spotlighted a lot of upcoming artists and designers before mainstream media took notice.  Artists such as The Cool Kids, Chris Brown, Lupe Fiasco, The Clipse, and brands such as Lemar & Dauley, Rocksmith and Japanese brands Swagger and Phenomenon to name a few were featured in Laced Magazine. Later on that year, Brown co-founded a collective called GFCnewyork with another friend and colleague, Saint Louis. GFCnewyork, an artist management & development firm, has become the platform and catalyst for a new breed of hip-hop/music taking over public consensus. 

     The companies innovative new media marketing strategies and foot to the pavement hustle has allowed them to break such acts as Mickey Factz, Big K.R.I.T., Jesse Boykins III, Smoke DZA, and many more. As of late, Brown has picked up a camera and begun to capture the moments and people around him via his brand  Having also co-founded one of the most popular branded hip-hop tours to date, "The Smoker's Club," with partner and Cinematic Music Group President, Jon "Jonny Shipes" Shapiro, the avenues for opportunities are endless for this young man, even while hiding behind some dark shades and a lens. If you ask him what keeps him going, he'll tell you it's the constant pursuit for inspiration.  That's what influences him to lead and be the luminary that you follow. 

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